Wrath of the Righteous 2.0

The Gray Garrison attack

2 worm demons
horon, nycerian will bury if possible
2 rat demons
6 rogues
3 cultists
tiefling alchemist

To the defender's heart

4 cultists
-4 clw
-4 cause fear
-4 comp languages
-4 mwk glaves
-4 mwk chain shirts
-40 gold

6 looters
-122 g
-silver cutlery 126g,
-brass goblet 5g,
-painting 50g,
-alchemist fire,
-2 antitoxins,
-3 holy water vials,
-3 +1 flaming bolts,
-elixir of vision,
-potion of barkskin
-6 clws
-12 tanglefoot bags
12 thunderstones
-30 arrors

5 holy Iomade symbols
snarky note
statue 250 gp

On the surface

Library mostly destroyed
Bentley knocks someone barking orders
crazed man was going to burn librarians
horgus dropped off, +1000 gp and food and a nap
anivias house,
vorgorg, personal enemy of anivia and irabeth, ded
ranseur of the gargoyle,
wand of magic missle cl 3 11 charges
potion of invis
ilsbeth is at defenders heart, password silverstrong

On our way up

treasure chest
+1 light wooden shield
ring of climbing
scroll of identify used
scroll of magic fang
2 potions of dark-vision
250 gold
3 rats
300 gp for prisoners
Nyserian Manor Horgus knows
Library Arivashnal’s hangout

Mongrel Men
Session III

wand of longstrider
masterwork longbow
3 masterwork chainshirt
4 clw
masterwork scythe
2 scrolls cause fear
2 scrolls comprehend languages
2 daggers
Extra Nice Longsword
Small leather pouch 30gp of simi-precious
2 50gp bloodstones
1 50gp citrine
1 100gp white pearl
bears endurance
remove disease
200gp darkwood box

Three Savehouses
azirian mannor
topaz solutions
tower of istrad

Walk through the underground
Session 2

2 Darkmantels no loot, shinyai takes 5hp
Dwarf, Burlap Sack – halfling in the sack (new character, paladin of erastil, rook), spellbook, cloak of resistance, helsur knocked out by a spell… shinyai did all the damage!
statue 75gp
unfortunate trio stuck under tower rubble, guides mongrelmen
obstacle, pit, shin jumped, everyone else climbed
fungal space, two dead cultists
mongrelmen have a faction they’d wish us to dispatch

Aramasse Day
Session I

Bentley, Latrel, Helsur, Shinyai

Kenabres was full of people. It looked like Aramasse Day was going to be quite busy this year. People were trading, drinking, eating, and watching the duels. A short, stout, dark skinned man was wandering about the crowd, looking to make some coin. A redheaded elf in foreign clothing was watching a duel with intensity. A simply-dressed, well groomed, braid-less dwarf was intently searching for the local priests. A lightly armored man was roaming among the crowd.

The shorter man engaged the elf in conversation. “Hello, lady… you’re not from ’round here, are ya”


“Me neither, well, I’m not from the city ‘nyway. You look a little down, why don’t we step away from this crowd and Bentley can help ya.”


“That’s me, what’cha your name darlin’?”

The elf smiled at the little man, “I am called Shinyai.” her accent was odd, and she seemed to struggle with the words, as if it wasn’t a language she was comfortable with.

The dwarf stopped the other man. “Excuse me sir, that sword seems well made. Does that symbol have any meaning to you.”

“Umm, yes. It’s the symbol of Gorum.” replied the man.

“Ah, indeed I thought I recognized it. Well met, I’m Helsur. Can you direct me to a temple of Sarenrae?”

“Name’s Latrell. It’s actually behind the Iomadae cathedral, over there.” Latrell pointed to the other side of the courtyard.

“Thank you sir. I’ll head that way.” Helsur bowed and turned in the direction Latrell pointed.

Latrell watched him go, but noticed the elf further along his path, or rather the sword on her hip. It was long, and definitely not of local design. His curiosity in the weapon pulled him forward, past Helsur and next to her in a few seconds. “Excuse me miss. That sword is interesting.”

Shinyai looked up from speaking with the man attempting to charm her into assisting in thievery. “Oh, yes. It was my father’s. We aren’t from here.”

“I can tell. May I inspect it?”

Shinyai drew the sword and held it for inspection, but did not release it to Latrell. The long katana is well made, but pitted and chipped in places from many battles. The blade is well kept despite its age and use.

“Interesting. It has served your family well.” Latrell spoke after some time.

“Yes I hope it will serve me as well.”

“Is that why your here.”

“Yes, the… things… that took my family from me are here in force. I come to fight.”

Since he’d lost the elf’s interest, Bentley decided to look for a new person to charm. He saw Helsur walking his direction. He wasted no time choosing a new mark. “Hello there, wha’ can Bentley do fer ya?”

Shortly after the bells began ringing to announce the start of the Aramasse Day festival. Everyone gathers in front of the stage to hear speeches when the sky darkened, and in an instant the Kite, the home of Kenabres’s wardstone, had vanished. It was in that moment that Kenabres’s greatest guardian, the silver dragon Terendelev, rose from the crowd, shedding her human disguise. She was met in the sky by a monstrous figure three times the size of any man, Khorramzadeh the Storm Lord of the Worldwound. The two iconic figures battled in the air while demons filled the streets of Kenabres.

It did not take long of the balor lord to strike down the silver dragon, who came crashing into the facade of St. Clydwell’s Cathedral. It was in that moment another titanic demon erupted at the far end of the plaza, smashing several buildings into the ground and causing a massive rift to open up beneath the Survivors’ feet. With her dying breathe, Terendelev cast a spell to slow the descent of Bentley, Latrel, Helsur, and Shinyai.

The four woke, in pain, but alive and relatively unbroken. Helsur began taking in the situation as he could see it. Eventually Bentley provided light to the voices in the dark. They saw the bodies in the rubble, who weren’t as lucky as they wore. Shocked by the death around them, they began looking for survivors.

Over the next few minutes they found three. Anevia Tirabade, Aravashnial, and Horgus Gwerm. Anevia had a broken leg, Aravashnal lost his eyes, and while relatively unharmed, Horgus was useless.

The group decided to attempt to find their way back to the surface.

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